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Wedding Photo Albums to make you WOW!

Here they are! I was eager to receive these albums, since it’s the first time I’m ordering from this company. When I got them, wow, oh WOW…. I can truly say that these albums are out-of-this-world AMAZING! These two, I’m going to show you are my studio samples. I made them both with genuine leather covers, but there are many, many other cover options to choose from, like different fabrics and eco leather. The books can also be printed on a few different types of paper, with different textures and characteristics. Bare in mind that the samples I made are with the basic paper, nothing too fancy and yet – spectacular. I can’t wait to see my next order with the fancier papers! The print is bright and perfect! And guilty for this whole awesomeness are the good people from FOLIO! Visit their site to see even more photos and products!

So, here are some images of the albums!

These wedding photo albums came extremely well packaged to eliminate any possibility of damage. This is their inner presentation box.
Folio_albums0001 Folio_albums0002 Folio_albums0003 Folio_albums0004 Folio_albums0005 Folio_albums0006 This album is 10″x10″. Folio_albums0007 Folio_albums0008 Folio_albums0009 Folio_albums0010 Folio_albums0011 Folio_albums0012 Folio_albums0013 Folio_albums0014 Folio_albums0015 Folio_albums0016 Folio_albums0017 Folio_albums0018 Folio_albums0019 Folio_albums0020 Folio_albums0021 Folio_albums0022 Folio_albums0023 This album is with my husband’s photos. The photos are mounted in the album. It looks very luxurious! Size 12″x12″. Folio_albums0024 Folio_albums0025 Folio_albums0026 Folio_albums0027 Folio_albums0028 Folio_albums0029 Folio_albums0030 Folio_albums0031 Folio_albums0032 Folio_albums0033 Folio_albums0034 Folio_albums0035 Folio_albums0036 Folio_albums0037 Folio_albums0038 Folio_albums0039 Folio_albums0040 No, FOLIO, thank YOU! Folio_albums0041

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